Health Counseling and Group Classes

The Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology & Nutrition provides many quality education programs. We offer a patient-focused holistic approach to both preventing and managing disease.

For those who have diabetes, we offer individual and group education on disease management and nutrition. All classes are recognized by the American Diabetes Association and taught by experienced Registered Dietitians and Certified Diabetes Educators.

The following is a list of our current programs:

Mind, Body & Nutrition

Join this new group to take charge of your mind and body and acheive lasting improvements in your health. Learn to love and serve yourself. Loose weight and achieve overall happiness. These classes are not tailored to a specific disease state.

Weight loss is a Bonus:

  • Change negative health behaviors into positive behaviors
  • Breathing and relaxing techniques
  • Nutrition to prevent Diabetes, Blood Pressure, and High Cholesterol
  • Easy physical activities and exercises to help with blood sugar control and weight loss
  • Weight loss is a Bonus
  • Brain spices

Call to reserve a spot in this dynamic new group!

Living Well with Diabetes

This free session is for individuals who want to learn more about their newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes, or for diabetics needing updates on current diabetes management.

Topics include:

  • The different kinds of diabetes
  • Basics of good blood sugar control
  • Meal planning and exercise with diabetes
  • Medical management of diabetes (different treatments and tests)
  • Preventing complications
  • Helpful diabetes resources

Nutrition and Diabetes

This session with one of our Registered Dieticians reviews how to enjoy eating with diabetes while maintaining blood sugar values. Topics include:

  • How nutrients are handled in diabetes
  • Diabetic diets and other special diets
  • High fiber diets to reverse diabteic and heart disease
  • What is glycemic Index?
  • Carbohydrate counting (how and why)
  • Food label reading
  • How to match insulin with foods
  • Cooking at home and eating out
  • Weight loss techniques
  • Lipid and cholesterol management
  • Food supplements that prevent diabetes progression, cancer and heart disease

Insulin Pump Support Meetings

This class is intended for patients who want to learn more about their insulin pumps and how to use insulin effectively.

Advanced Diabetes Management

Are you taking insulin and still having trouble controlling your blood sugars? Then these free sessions are for you!

Come learn about:

  • Why insulin sensitivity varies
  • Advanced carbohydrate counting techniques
  • What a carb ratio is and how it works
  • Label reading and restaurant tips
  • Insulin pumps, how they work, and the most effective way to use them
  • Continuous glucose monitoring
  • Other new diabetes technology
  • Web based management tools

Pregnancy and Nutrition Class

This class is designed specifically for moms-to-be. A Registered Dietician will teach moms what to eat for a normal pregnancy while maintaining a healthy weight.

One-on-one instruction with a Certified Diabetes Educator

Occasionally our physician may recommend an individual session with a Certified Diabetes Educator. Some topics covered are: advanced insulin instruction, glucose meter instruction, and pre-pump screening.